Heating Repair


At DMV Mechanical Company, we make it our goal to keep the air inside your home or business comfortable. The keys to this are effective airflow management and proper temperature control. Almost all heating repair issues can be traced to a breakdown in one of these systems.

Our background as an HVAC contractor in South Central PA gives us the experience to handle all heating repair issues quickly and effectively. Our technicians have performed service on a variety of units and are adept at determining where problems are located. From commercial hot water boiler systems and attached storage tanks to residential gas and electric heating furnaces, we possess the skills and equipment to effectively troubleshoot these complex systems and restore them to proper working order.

The furnace systems in use today cover the spectrum, ranging from the brand-new to the ancient, and at DMV Mechanical Company, we know how to repair them all. Whether your heating unit is a manually operated 40 year-old gas and oil unit or a fully automated, computer-controlled commercial furnace, you can be assured that our highly trained technicians will know exactly how to resolve your heating repair issue.

DMV Mechanical Company offers the most comprehensive heating repair services available. We inspect every component of your commercial or residential system to restore it to working order. We will:

• Repair Existing Ductwork—This ensures that your heating system is delivering temperature-controlled air properly and efficiently.

• Check Flame Baffles—We determine if any rust, dirt, or corrosion is evident.

• Check Fan Control—The mechanical adjustment of this component assures proper temperature control.

• Perform a CO Test—Carbon monoxide levels must be tested in order to ensure the safe operation of your unit.

Rely on the experts at DMV Mechanical Company to provide you with comprehensive heating repair services for all of your heating systems in South Central PA. Contact our offices today!