Air Conditioning Repair


No matter where you live in or around the South Central PA area, your heating and cooling unit is an integral part of your home or business environment. A faulty air conditioner can make everyone unhappy. DMV Mechanical Company is the air conditioning repair specialist. Our experience in HVAC repair qualifies us as the professional you can trust to get your unit up and running quickly and affordably.

Today’s environmentally sensitive air conditioning units are complex, computer-controlled machines that are extremely efficient in delivering a consistent quality of airflow throughout your home or office. When they break down, repair requires a skilled technician who is familiar with every aspect of these units. From the level of refrigerant to the condition of the evaporator coil, each component much be carefully analyzed to determine the cause of failure.

DMV Mechanical Company brings a level of experience in repairing these complicated units that is unmatched in the industry. We feature highly trained air conditioning repair specialists who have successfully performed hundreds of service calls on some of the most advanced systems in use today. Our comprehensive air conditioning repair services include:

• Power Supply Check
• Fan Belt Inspection
• Refrigerant Levels and Leak Detection
• Evaporator Coil Inspection
• Compressor Inspection
• Condensate Drain Check
• Pressure Testing of Duct Systems
• Static Pressure Testing
• And Much More

DMV Mechanical Company offers 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week. If your air conditioning system quits unexpectedly, call us anytime, day or night. We will have an AC repair team out to your location as quickly as possible to repair your air conditioning unit.

Allow the experts at DMV Mechanical Company to provide you with the most complete and cost-effective air conditioning repair services available in South Central PA. Consult with us today!